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1. Where can I buy the VBag?

For now you can only buy the VBag directly from us on our online store - except for the following places:

United States

View Factor Studios (Philip Bloom Edition only)


United Kingdom

Creative Video - Broadcast & Professional Solutions

The Netherlands

CameraTools (Philip Bloom Edition only)


Gecko-cam (PRO line only)


BICO Professionel

We will be adding more resellers very soon.

2. How does the VBag work ?

By wriggling the camera into position the polystyrene pellets inside the V-Bag is forced to fit exactly around the base of the camera. When you evacuate the VBag it becomes rock hard and keeps its shape exactly unchanged. The reason for this transformation from soft to hard is the heavy force that the pressure differential between the empty inner side and the atmospheric outside act on the VBag. Also known as vacuum.

3. What is vacuum ?

A vacuum is a volume of space that is essentially empty of matter, such that its gaseous pressure is much less than atmospheric pressure.

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4. What is inside the VBag ?

Inside the VBag you find a custom made net that holds the polystyrene pellets in place. polystyrene pellets are formed by blowing molten polystyrene into the air, through a specific nozzle. The pellets do not absorb neither water nor air. The pellets are used in other stabilizing products and are popularly called "Krøyer Pellets" because of the Danish inventor Karl Krøyer. He used these pellets to lift a sunken ship from the harbour of Kuwait. The inspiration to this unorthodox salvage method, he said, came from the Donald Duck story where the clever nephews used table tennis balls for a similar operation.

5. Why is there two valves on the VBag ?

Well, Murphy's law will say, that you are always on the wrong side, if there where only one valve. Second, it's a good idea to prepare the V-Bag before placing the camera. To do this close both valves firmly. Attach the vacuum pump to one of the valves. Place the camera; evacuate the air using the pump. If you need to reframe, just leave the pump attached to the first valve and then loosen the other valve to let air.

6. You have other questions?

If you have more direct questions about the V-Bag then please don't hesitate to contact us for further information. Go to the Contact Us page for more information on how to get in touch with us.

7. Is it possible to use one (or two) VBags to pack a camera insidea carrier bag/backpack etc. safely so it is protected whentraveling across rough country or in an overhead locker in anaeroplane.

Absolutely - we have done that ourselves many times. But - you should be aware that when used in an airplane, the VBag must first be acclimated to the pressure in the cabin after take off, which means you should keep the valves open at take off.

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