Philip Bloom - DP, Director, filmmaker.

It's incredibly flattering to have my name now on two film-making products and I love this one to bits. It's so bloody useful and easy to carry around. Honestly, it has gotten me out of a number of awkward spots already in placing the camera where I want it.



One of the best things at NAB was the VBag, a flexible, inflatable "hi-hat" from Danish camera assistants Thomas Holm Deleurang and Erik Thal-Jantzen. These guys know a thing or two about extreme temperatures, working in -25 degree Scandinavia, studios, sweltering sand dune locations… They also know how to improve on the low-tech, lowly furniture pad to support a camera anywhere - quickly and easily.

The VBag is made of almost-indestructible high frequency welded, reinforced PVC-coated polyester fibre sheets. It looks like a top-of-the-line Scandinavian life-jacket with a bunch of plastic beaded pellets inside. You plop the camera on the bag, pump out the air with the included hand pump, and the combination of beads and vacuum hold even the heaviest cameras in incredibly difficult places.

Think of the VBag as a high-tech furniture pad that can "freeze" in any shape and keep that shape-molding itself to the footprint of the camera.VBags save lots of time rigging: on hoods for car shots, on top of ladders…anywhere. Thomas and Erik have spent over 2 years developing the VBag. The production still (bottom left) is funny: the camera's on a VBag and the cameraman is sitting on a hi-hat. VBags are destined to become essential on every production, big or small, film or digital, studio or location.

Mitch Gross - Applications Specialis - Abel Cine Tech

On very rare occasions a new product comes along that makes me want to slap myself on the head and say, "Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?" The VBag is a flat pouch of thick vinyl containing foam pebbles. When a small vacuum pump is used to suck out the air, the bag contracts around the pebbles and forms a solid surface in whatever shape the pebbles lay. This makes the V-Bag a universal mounting system. You can stick it between a hi-hat and uneven ground, put the V-Bag on a sloped surface and create a platform, wrap the V-Bag around a handle to lock it into place, or lay it onto the hood of a car for an impromptu vehicle mount.

The V-Bag comes with reinforced grommet holes along the sides and two vacuum ports for ease of mounting and use. A hand pump and carry bag for the kit are also included. There are three sizes available and they can be used in conjunction to create unique mounts (I find the small and medium bags particularly useful together). With their low cost and myriad number of uses, the V-Bag deserves a place in every cameraman's kit.

Anthony Dod Mantle

Anthony Dod Mantle DFF BSC
Academy award winning cinematographer

I have worked with the Vbag on and off over a period of 3 years in my cinematography. Vbag Company was kind enough to involve me as well as other cinematographers, camera assistants, and grips in the development of this wonderful little invention.

I remember the first time I recollect using it, was on the TV series "Wallander" with Kenneth Branagh. We were hanging over a banister in a typically awkward grip situation, in a sensitive location, with a concerned Swedish house owner looking over our shoulders. Out of nowhere and in the course of minutes...combined with a little huffing and puffing, the camera was perfectly nestled in the angle desired for the paint was scratched...the location manager was left behind with a clean conscience.

Quick, quiet, and easy. I would also call it a good travel companion for documentaries as well as any other lower budget drama, feature, or commercial.It has been a while since I had the Vbag in my hands, but this letter reminds me that I have to remember to take it with next time I go away.

Thanks for the great product. I like them. Have played with them a bit at my regular camera hire company. They liked them also. I suspect they may buy some. Looking forward to using them soon. I have a shoot coming up in Indonesia, filming on an active volcano, where I suspect they will be very useful.

Steven Gray Director Of Photography, England

The bag arrived today and I have to say it is awesome. I only got to play with it for a few minutes so far but, I love the possibilities it is starting to open up. More time and further experimenting will only lead to more versatility I am sure. Thank you for a great product that will bridge the gap to those possibilities.

Geoffrey Weate, USA

Couldn't wait! Picked it up in Beaune. A fantastic product and a great build quality!!!
This thing is just incredible fantastic! Saves half a truck of grip. Used it already in many configurations: up in a tree, to fix the cam on a car, folded to get a vertical shot from ground to the sky.... First it sounds like a lot of money for a "bag" not made by Louis Vuitton, but its worth every cent. The downside: I only ordered one. it very well.

Marc Berger, France

Got my VBags today! They are simply awesome :) I love how it works. I will use my set ALOT!

Peter Karlsson, Sweden

Got mine yesterday as well, but I picked up the combo kit. So far, I can't say enough good things about it other than I might need more...

Joel Jameson, USA